Staffing & Operation Solutions

People management plays a vital role in delivering organizational performance. Twenty-Five percent of the company’s working time is lost through HR tasks. We provide services for all kinds of HR functions. We concentrated specifically on HR provide you with, skilled professionals who are, helping to manage and reduce operating costs, and improving employee relations, ensures the confidentiality, accuracy, quick response time, and fewer administrative tasks for our customer company and thus our customer can concentrate on their core businesses activities.

We hire our own experts and professionals. This creates an economically constructive division of labor that becomes fruitful to our customers to reduce the time and costs associated with managing human resource procedures.

The basic services provided by us include the services like examine the organizational structure and the staffing requirements, recruiting, training and development, benefits administration, employee orientation programs, payroll administration, employee benefits, risk management etc.

Back Office Operations & Infrastructure Support Services

This activity involves setting up of Offices at any location and fully equipping it to perform the tasks which any modern day office can be expected to do. Further to the equipment like telephone, fax, mobile, computers, e-mail, etc. These offices are staffed and managed by the Company. This method of out-sourcing enables large corporate to manage small, remote or otherwise un-manageable locations or activities at a much lower cost.

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